Technology solutions
from an Indigenous

We build custom software for
leading Indigenous organizations.

Our technology enables our clients to maximize their social and cultural impact by making effective use of web-based technology. By connecting people with technology we believe that this will build a stronger identity for Indigenous people.

Featured Projects


The San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety training is a unique, facilitated on-line training program designed to increase knowledge, enhance self-awareness, and strengthen the skills of those who work both directly and indirectly with Indigenous people.

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Cuystwi (cwoo wheesh twee) is an online platform for Indigenous youth to explore their identities and cultures as Indigenous peoples, as well as understand colonization and how the on-going cumulative impacts affect our people and families.

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Ask Auntie

Ask Auntie's focus is to provide the combination of traditional and conventional knowledge to ground Aboriginal girls in their traditional community activities and culture promoting self acceptance and positive cultural identities.

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Cando Connect

As a member-driven organization, Cando has to track and maintain a lot of information as it pertains to its membership and other organizational stakeholders. We custom-built a database that allows Cando staff to collaborate on the same set of data through this secure web-based tool.

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