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About Animikii

We build custom software for leading Indigenous organizations.

Our technology enables our clients to maximize their social and cultural impact by making effective use of web-based technology. By connecting people with technology we believe that this will build a stronger identity for Indigenous people.

Jeff K. Ward Animikii was founded in 2003 by Jeff K. Ward. Jeff is a proud Ojibwe living in Vancouver with his wife and two kids.

In 2009 Jeff was awarded the title of National Aboriginal Role model by the National Aboriginal Health Organization. In 2011 Animikii won the Aboriginal Business of The Year Award as presented by the Premier of BC. 

Animikii Tech & Entrepreneurship Bursary 

February 3, 2015 - Today we announce the Animikii tech & entrepreneurship bursary program to encourage Aboriginal Youth to pursue careers in business and technology. → LEARN MORE

Our Customers

Our Customers Our Customers

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Ah–Nee–Mee–Key is how you say it. 99% of the people who pronounce it, say it perfectly. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself :)

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