Bridging to Technology

Bridging to Technology

Bridging to Technology

Animikii is very excited to support the Bridging to Technology program, a new initiative from the First Nations Technology Council.

This training program will further advance Indigenous technology talent development in the B.C. high-tech sector and will create new opportunities for First Nations youth. The Minister or Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services has committed $515,000 to this initiative and announced during a Vancouver press conference last week that Animikii's CEO attended.

Animikii is a partner with the Bridging to Technology program and will advise during the program's development. Additionally, Animikii CEO Jeff Ward will provide mentorship to students as they advance through the program.

One of our goals at Animikii is to encourage and inspire Indigenous youth to choose technology as a career path. This program is uniquely designed to develop aspiring Indigenous technologists in B.C., and we couldn't be more excited to partner on this important initiative.

Please watch this video coverage of the event and announcement that the Province of BC has produced:

Additional Information:

Article published April 4, 2016.

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