Our Living History

Our Living History

Our Living History

As we go into Indigenous Peoples Making History Month (aka National Aboriginal History Month), we came to the realization that everyone and their dog seems to be putting out a timeline meant to encompass Indigenous history in Canada. However, we believe that Indigenous history should be written by you, Indigenous people and allies. So, instead, we've created a timeline where you can submit events in history that make Indigenous Peoples Making History Month significant for you.

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As the title above implies, Indigenous history is a living history; this list we’ve compiled here obviously doesn’t cover every important event in Indigenous history in Canada. Instead we’ve created a starting off point - a list to get us all thinking about the events, dates, and people that loom large in the Indigenous historical narratives that we think about today.

To make this timeline a more complete history, we invite you to submit the events and dates from Indigenous history in Canada that are important to you. If you want to see your idea included, send us an email at info@animikii.com with the subject line: Our Living History. Include a date (at least a year or an approximate year) and a link to an article, video or webpage that will help us understand the event a little bit better. While we might not be able to include every post sent our way, we welcome all feedback, questions and comments about our timeline.


Article published June 7, 2017.

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