Top 20 Indigenous News River Articles of 2017

Top 20 Indigenous News River Articles of 2017

Top 20 Indigenous News River Articles of 2017

Every day, we curate Indigenous-focused news, articles and resources to share on social media and our website. We then select several articles to highlight and send out a weekly digest to subscribers of our Indigenous News River. Here's a look back at 2017's most-clicked articles by readers of our last 52 weekly e-mail newsletters.

These aren't necessarily the year's top news stories you may have seen as major headlines in the news. Rather, they are handpicked articles by us that are likely to have a focus on tech, business, education, health & more. We dug into our e-mail analytics for the last year to learn what our readers found most interesting and we thought we'd share it here!

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Here are the most-clicked articles of 2017…

These articles are ordered chronologically by date (not by popularity) with the most recent articles appearing at the bottom of the list. Enjoy (and don't forget to subscribe)!

Article published December 31, 2017.

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