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Check out our listed positions below but if you don’t see your dream job listed but think you could help out our team - get in touch with us! We’re always looking for committed, passionate professionals to join us across all disciplines. Send us your resume and let us know what you think you could add to our team at

Who We Are

Animikii is an Indigenous-owned, digital agency. We’re a small team made up of young professionals working (mostly) here on Coast Salish territory in BC but we’re a remote-first company - meaning that our employees can work from wherever they are. While most of our staff self-identify as Indigenous, having a diverse set of perspectives is essential for the work that we do and that definitely includes ally perspectives. You can ‘meet the team’ here and to get a better idea of Animikii as an organization, check out our story!

Animikii is a values-driven company; we’re B Corp Certified and we believe that the “success” of our business is dependant on much more than our financial bottom line. We also track and measure our social and cultural contributions and actions. Relatedly, Animikii is also a CCAB Certified Aboriginal Business and we try to carry our Indigenous-values into our business decision-making. Our values are rooted in Indigenous knowledge and our actions are guided by our values.

At Animikii, we:

  • Think Holistically: We think of our projects holistically; rather than focusing on meeting minimum requirements, we work on a project until our clients are 100% satisfied with it and we’re always looking for ways to improve our existing or ongoing projects. Because we don’t bill hourly, we can be more available to our customers and build up a partnership beyond a typical buyer-supplier relationship in this industry. Working at Animikii means committing to holistic thinking and considering your work in its full context. A lot of the work that we do at Animikii has real social and cultural impact on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians; to do our work effectively, everyone on the Animikii team needs to be thinking about the external context of our projects.
  • Share Knowledge: With every project, Animikii offers customer training and ongoing support; to be effective on the Animikii team, you should be prepared to pick up the phone when a past client calls. On the employee side, this commitment to sharing knowledge means that all team members are heard in company decisions and all team members are encouraged to contribute to company strategic discussions.
  • Build Long-Term Connections: Animikii works to build long-term relationships with all of its stakeholders including employees, contractors, customers and partners. We are always looking for ways to bring in pertinent partners and to collaborate with other organizations that operate within and across our sectors of interest. Working at Animikii means committing to this collaborative working style.

At Animikii, we work on projects that make a difference to Indigenous people in Canada; we work with National, regional and local organizations that take on - in one way or another - the challenges that Indigenous Peoples face in the world today. Each Thunderbird (Animikii team member) has completed accredited Indigenous Cultural Safety training and Animikii approaches technological solutions through this lens.

Animikii is a social enterprise (Certified B Corp and a CCAB Certified Aboriginal Business). Animikii’s employees are grateful to work as visitors on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen (Songhees) Peoples of the Coast Salish Nation.

What We Do

As noted, Animikii is a digital agency; while our organization primarily focuses on custom software projects, we also specialize in web design and digital communications. Animikii gets to know its customers’ needs and designs custom solutions for their specific circumstances. We approach every customer relationship knowing that there is always something for us to learn through every project. We strive to build trust with our customers and to be their “go-to” digital solution; however, if we’re not the right company for the project, we’ll work with our would-be customers to find the right supplier for them. Solutions that we provide range from simple website updates, to custom designed and built software, to comprehensive digital communications strategies.

Outside of our direct client work, Animikii is heavily involved in its Communities; as a team we periodically take on volunteer projects together, we develop and support Community initiatives, and we actively use our platform and social influence to share stories of Indigenous Innovators and allies.

Who We Work With

Animikii works with leading, Indigenous-focused organizations from all industries to drive positive change for Indigenous Peoples through technology. We have worked with governments, individuals entrepreneurs, national, regional and local non-profit organizations as well as for-profit businesses. Rather than specializing in a particular industry or sector, Animikii focuses on building client relationships with those individuals and organizations whose goals and values align with our own. If you want to learn more about our clients and the types of projects that we take on, check out our work.

What It’s Like to Work Here

Animikii is a flexible workplace; while most of us live in Victoria, BC, we’re committed to a remote-first model. That means our employees and contractors can work where they live rather than having to commute or relocate to Animikii HQ. In order to make this model work for us, we employ a variety of tools to ensure that every employee or contractor - remote or not - knows what everyone in the company is working on and feels connected to the work being done. Animikii is a small but growing company, as a result it’s an exciting time to join the team.

Every team member at Animikii has the opportunity to move from project to project and take on new responsibilities; it’s a dynamic workplace that offers new challenges all the time.

Perks and Benefits for Full-time Employees:

Animikii provides comprehensive, flexible benefits for all full-time employees and include:

  • Flexible healthcare/lifestyle spending account that covers everything from massages and sports equipment to prescriptions and traditional medicine.
  • Standard 3 weeks vacation for all employees plus additional paid time off during winter holidays.
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day as a day off.

Animikii provides all of its employees with the opportunity to grow their roles and responsibilities based on their own goals and constraints. Animikii team members are passionate about innovation and passionate about working to create a diverse, inclusive Canada.

Lastly, we wanted to mention that our contractors are treated as part of the Animikii family and something to keep in mind is most of our full time employees started out as contractors so if you like what you see here, you may want to check out our contract opportunities :)

Still have questions?

Want to know more about Animikii or about any of the posted positions? Reach out to us at - a real person really reads these emails and we’d be happy to hear from you or answer your questions! You can also check out our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to learn more about Animikii and the Animikii team.

Open Positions

» Ruby on Rails Developer (Contract)

» Administrative Assistant

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