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Giving Back

Animikii Gives Back.

Jeff K. Ward - SpeakingAnimikii is a social enterprise; our company is both B Corp Certified and a Certified Aboriginal Business. As part of our commitment to drive positive change for Indigenous Peoples, Animikii provides financial donations, in-kind donations, and pro-bono services for initiatives that support Indigenous Peoples and Communities. In addition to these charitable efforts, Animikii has also developed its own scholarship program to directly support Indigenous youth studying entrepreneurship or technology.

If you would like to learn more about how Animikii drives positive change for Indigenous Peoples through technology, please reach out to us at If you think Animikii might be the right partner for your project, get it touch with us! We’re always happy to consider new partnerships and projects that support our causes and goals.

You can view our most recent annual social impact report for details on all of our giving back initiatives.

Why Entrepreneurship?

While Indigenous Peoples have always been culturally entrepreneurial, Indigenous youth in Canada have faced – and continue to face – to unique obstacles to participating fully in the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape. For example, there can be difficulties in finding mentors or entrepreneurship education in smaller Communities, and Indigenous youth often face significant barriers to securing startup financing. We at Animikii, hope to be a force to bring down these barriers and encourage Indigenous youth to explore entrepreneurship fully. Indigenous youth are the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population and they are currently more likely to start businesses than their non-Indigenous counterparts. Through entrepreneurship, youth have the opportunity to work for themselves, they have the chance to be creative and passionate about their work, and they have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. We believe that through entrepreneurship, Indigenous youth can gain more control over their own paths and the paths of their home Communities.

Why Technology?

First and foremost, Animikii is a technology company. Our company was created to use technology to foster Reconciliation in Canada; to act as a means of supporting Indigenous Canadians, and as a means of creating partnerships between Indigenous Canadians and non-Indigenous Canadians. Our company sees technology as an opportunity - a chance to create new things, learn new skills and constantly innovate. We believe that technology, like entrepreneurship, is a societal equalizer. Given the drive and the opportunity, young Indigenous technologists can utilize their skills to improve their own lives and to lift up their home Communities. We want to encourage Indigenous youth to pursue technology because technology careers allow youth the opportunity to work from their home Communities, employ community members and effectively scale up economic prosperity for Indigenous Peoples. We want Indigenous youth to feel empowered to shape the landscape of Indigenous economic development, rather than being seen as a “labour pool” for others’ economic development plans.   

Technology & Entrepreneurship Scholarships for Indigenous Youth

To apply, scroll down for the online application form.

At Animikii, part of our organizational mission is to encourage and inspire Indigenous youth to choose entrepreneurship and technology as career paths. In support of this goal, in 2015, Animikii first launched its Technology and Entrepreneurship Scholarships for Indigenous Youth. Through this program, Animikii provides Indigenous youth studying technology or entrepreneurship in a post-secondary program with $500 scholarships that can be used by the students for books, tuition, supplies or any other cost-of-living expenses related to their time in school.

Our scholarships are available to Indigenous youth (Status and non-Status First Nations, Métis and Inuit) ages 17-30, attending a postsecondary program centered on either technology or entrepreneurship. The school program does not have to be a four-year Bachelor’s degree (or Master’s, etc.) to be eligible, but we do ask to see some form of proof of enrollment. Additionally, as part of our application, we ask students to provide a professional, academic or volunteer reference letter. This letter can be written by a teacher, school administrator, manager, supervisor, coach, mentor, volunteer coordinator or Counsellor.

For more information, and to apply for one of the scholarships, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The Animikii team reviews each completed scholarship application that we receive; we accept applications on a continuous basis and we consider past applicants for each new award period (for as long as each applicant is eligible). See the Animikii blog to read about 2016's Technology Scholarship for Indigenous Youth recipient.

» 2015-02-03 News Release (48.5 KB) (February 3, 2015)

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Online Application Form

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