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We needed fun activities that integrated animations and sound. The Flash based games designed by Animikii are receiving great reviews from parents, teachers and students seeking access to Aboriginal language content at

Peter Brand, FPCF Coordinator

Client: First Peoples' Cultural Council, FirstVoices

Project Description: The First Peoples' Cultural Foundation (FPCF) operates a popular Indigenous language revitalization web site called FirstVoices. They asked us to help them create some interactive games for their younger users at  We developed two educational games to help children learn Aboriginal languages. The games change and update themselves constantly by pulling data from the FirstVoices database. We created the interactive games "Colouring Pictures" and "Exploring Pictures". The games allow for more user involvement especially in a younger audience such as preschool and elementary language students. Spoken words integrated with game play and a high degree of visual interactivity allow for higher retention of the learned language.

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