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FrancOcean Pacifique


Client: Pacific Peoples' Partnership and Fish Eye Project

Description: The project called, FrancOcean Pacific was championed by Pacific Peoples’ Partnership and Fish Eye Project. The purpose of FrancOcean Pacifique was to provide a unique learning opportunity for Francophone youth living in British Columbia and youth living in New Caledonia in the South Pacific. FrancOcean Pacifique was an ocean study program that brought together cohorts of students who live oceans away; its focus was on cultural and knowledge exchange between Canadian and New Caledonian youth through the lens of the shared Pacific ocean.

Animikii sponsored this project by creating its website; the site was designed to be reflective of Indigenous culture and respectful of the goals of the project. Our goal with the design of the site was to highlight the relationship and the commonalities between Indigenous Peoples of the North Pacific and the Indigenous Peoples of the South Pacific. We wanted to include art of both Northern and Southern Pacific Indigenous artists and we wanted to visually represent the connection through the ocean. Animikii is proud to support this project because it allowed for cultural exchange and sharing of traditional Indigenous knowledge with interested youth from across the ocean. We love to see Indigenous perspectives and teachings brought formally into Canadian classrooms. You can read more about our involvement in the FrancOcean Pacifique project here.

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