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Under Jeff's visionary guidance, Animikii has helped our company develop some of the most compelling web-based learning applications for Aboriginal learners in the world. Working closely with a team of ILC developers, Jeff and his Animikii team created a highly innovative backend for our groundbreaking Aboriginal webstories project, work that included the development of cutting edge A.I. pedagogical game-play, built into a novel learning application focused on issues including sovereignty and law-making for Washington State's Kalispel Tribe.

Jeff and Animikii have been instrumental in the development of a suite of web-based educational resources designed specifically to infuse young Aboriginal learners with a strong sense of pride in their languages and cultures.

Animikii has been an integral part of our technical and strategic discussions and subsequent work with Aboriginal partners in Canada (British Columbia and Alberta), and the USA (Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Washington State), focused on leveraging local capacity linked to new & emerging technologies to provide Aboriginal youth with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century, while creating unique economic development opportunities for Aboriginal communities. In short, Jeff Ward and his company are outstanding examples of the powerful synergies that are shaped when pride of language and culture are united with tremendous technological, creative, and business skills.

I am proud to know Jeff and consider him a visionary business leader.

Randy Morse

Client: Indigenous Learning Company

Project Description:

The Indigenous Learning Company created and distributed outstanding online learning resources to Indigenous students and their teachers, across North America and around the world. Animikii was hired by the Indigenous Learning Company ("ILC") to deliver web-based learning materials for Indigenous groups worldwide. Animikii, with its extensive web-based experience working with Indigenous organizations and government agencies, provided ILC with a wide range of value-added services.  ILC deployed its web-based learning solutions for Indigenous users in the Canada, USA and Africa.