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Sagkeeng Heritage Centre


Client: Sagkeeng Heritage Centre

Description: The Sagkeeng Heritage Centre, located in Pine Falls, Manitoba, exists to share cultural events and activities within the Sagkeeng First Nation Community. The centre operates 3 days a week and offers cultural learning opportunities like annual wild rice picking with youth and Elders, jingle dressmaking workshops and drum making workshops. The Sagkeeng Heritage Centre website was designed to share the culture of the Community, to be simple to maintain and update, and to highlight the work being done in-Community by Knowledge Keepers.

Animikii designed a one-page site for Sagkeeng Heritage Centre; the purpose of the site is to display the information important to Community members and to ensure that the site is straightforward to maintain. The Animikii team also designed the site to reflect the culture and design preferences of the Sagkeeng Heritage Centre. As our team began to work more closely with the team at Sagkeeng Heritage Centre, we recognized that the team required support in technical areas beyond web design. Because Animikii is a full digital agency, we were able to provide this support. Specifically, Animikii worked with Sagkeeng Heritage Centre to edit footage of drum making from start to finish and our team provided support to the Sagkeeng Heritage Centre in setting up its social media channels. Animikii always strives to build long-term relationships with our clients and we strive to act as their partner rather than as a simple supplier. We always ensure that our clients are able to use and maintain their websites after we have completed them, and we always try to support our clients with digital projects; if we don’t have the expertise to execute a particular project, we try to connect our clients with experts who can better support them. In service of this vision, we worked with Sagkeeng Heritage Centre on a few projects outside the straightforward scope of web design.