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Social Impact at Animikii

Since 2016, Animikii's impact reports have been instrumental in shedding light on our sustained efforts to foster positive change for Indigenous communities. These comprehensive reports underline our commitment to transparency and accountability. Our annual impact reporting showcases our ongoing social enterprise initiatives and the enduring relationships we build with our partners.


2022 Social Impact Report

Animikii is in an important phase in its evolution as a company and this report reflects on the work we have done to advance our social impact objectives in 2022...


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2021 Social Impact Report

As Animikii accelerates our scale and growth we are deeply committed to continuing to plan, co-create and measure our social impact...


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2020 Social Impact Report

Animikii has first and foremost operated as a community. This has never never been more integral to our success than in the current year...


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2019 Social Impact Report

Animikii has always operated as an Indigenous-focused business, and as our team grows so does the opportunity to scale our social impact...


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2018 Social Impact Report

This year's impact report celebrated the partners we have  – our suppliers, clients, collaborators – and reflected our commitment to build enduring relationships beyond transactions.


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2017 Social Impact Report

In 2017, we kicked off our scholarship program by supporting two Indigenous students. We also provided sponsorships and charitable donations to four Indigenous-focused charities.


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2016 Social Impact Report

Animikii unveils its first impact report detailing its ongoing 'Giving Back' initiatives to support Indigenous resurgence. This report celebrates the work of Animikii as a social enterprise.


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