Jeff Ward at Social At Home

2021-10-21 Share story


Our CEO Jeff Ward was a featured speaker at this year’s SocialAtHome virtual conference from September 23-24, 2021, where he addressed Amplifying Indigenous Voices in the digital space.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, SocialAtHome has moved online and set the standard for what a virtual conference can be. Their events are the opportunity to ensure your company’s digital voice is ready for whatever the year might bring. This conference really brings its A-game with insightful and informative speakers, and possibly the best conference swag box (yes, box) that we've ever seen!


Weren’t able to attend?  Here’s a quote from Jeff’s talk on Amplifying Indigenous Voices:

“We have this imperfect word: Reconciliation.  But for me it’s about relationships and reciprocity. It’s really that word, [Indinawemaaganidog, meaning] All My Relations. In my teachings this means we’re all related to each other. I’m related to you. You’re related to me. We are all relations. My ancestors actions generations before have affected me. […] Our actions affect people who have not yet arrived, somebody that we will never meet or get to speak to - our actions are affecting them. […] When I think of Reconciliation, that’s how I connect with that word as imperfect as it may be.”

SocialAtHome will return early 2022. Be sure to keep an eye out so you can register early!

About Jeff Ward


Jeff founded Animikii in 2003 and has orchestrated and managed its growth ever since. Everything Jeff does in business is geared towards uplifting his family, communities and Indigenous Peoples. He is Ojibwe and Métis, originally from Manitoba, and now lives and works in Victoria, BC on Lekwungen territory. Jeff is a web designer, software developer, author, and speaker. He also serves as a board member for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

To learn more about how to get Jeff to speak at your event, reach out! We're committed to developing the Indigenous tech ecosystem and learning more about exciting and innovative projects and organizations in our communities. 

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