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About the partner

Ask Auntie

Indigenous Youth Wellness has built their mandate on the idea that youth know what they need to stay well! They are committed to supporting youth in community-based endeavours that build on skills and knowledge they find interesting and necessary in their lives.

They provide a diverse team of Indigenous leaders and role models, training and workshops for youth and adults who work with youth, meaningful partnerships with individuals, organizations and communities, reliable and professional project and event management, and culturally relevant youth-led programs.

Indigenous Youth Wellness is part of PHSAs Indigenous Health programs aimed at improving the quality of health care for Indigenous people, fostering cultural safety, and closing the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in BC.


About the app

Ask Auntie

Welcome to Ask Auntie, our girl-specific program. Girls aged 10-14 are invited to go on a wellness journey, where they will learn about a holistic, Indigenous understanding of health and their bodies, connection and relationships, culture and the history of colonization, and what it means to be a strong Indigenous girl. Once groups complete their journey they are invited to hold a rite of passage ceremony or other celebration to honour the girls, their journey, and their accomplishments.

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