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About the partner

Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia

Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia (AHSABC) specializes in Aboriginal early childhood education. This leading organization works in collaboration with their Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) Parents, Elders, program partners and government sharing the responsibility of growing quality early learning environments for children and families. AHSBC not only provides support to the 12 urban Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) sites in BC but acts as a professional link between these sites in BC, similar sites nationally, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Furthermore, AHSBC assists in the development of quality programming and encourages parental and community involvement.



About the app 


The LOVIT Way is a nurturing process of learning to witness the value in our Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) programs, to share inspiring ways of integrating cultural curriculum with a holistic approach, and to self-assess and celebrate how we are growing and excelling. AHSABC developed the LOVIT Way and self-assessment program called the Program Evaluation Process (PEP) as there are currently no other evaluation tools as unique as LOVIT that have a foundational cultural component.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, Animikii collaborated with AHSABC to transform The LOVIT Way PEP into an ONLINE Program Evaluation Tool with accompanying resources, and membership site.

From the LOVIT Way Team:

We are so impressed with the amazing team at Animikii! Beyond their technical wizardry, they listened deeply to our intentions, understood our vision, valued the language we used, and created an amazing virtual LOVIT Way Village that will inspire early years programs and benefit Indigenous children and families across the country. The partnership between AHSABC and the Animikii team, led by Jeff and Chuck, was friendly, respectful and reciprocal through every stage of the development process. We raise our hands to you.

- Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia (AHSABC)


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